Funding OTC assists emerging growth companies form effective crowdfunding initiatives paired with aggressive multimedia marketing campaigns. Unlike other crowdfunding portals Funding OTC doesn’t just provide a platform to raise money; we instead assist in producing podcasts, videos, social media posts, newsletters, newspaper articles and radio spots which can be distributed to over 3mm emails, newsletters, 2,300+ national newspapers, 1,000+ radio stations and a variety of social media outlets. This approach gives our clients crowdfunding efforts a viral web presence to assist them in meeting their funding goals.

  • What We Offer to Our Clients

    The first step toward raising capital with Funding OTC is to set up a consultation with our team. That’s where we can discuss the details of your project, capital needs, and goals. We will introduce you to the benefits of our comprehensive digital funding system that include marketing, presentation and funding for any type of project. We work with both charitable non-profit organizations, as well as emerging growth companies. Our team will manage the entire capital raise from start to finish. Additional services will include back office accounting, financial modeling, high net-worth investor generation, and data analytics for your campaign.

    Build Your Crowdfunding Page

    We work with you to put together a landing page within our crowdfunding platform that will present everything you hope to gain from the crowdfunding.

    Studio Quality Video Interview

    We sit you down for a one on one interview that will be circulated to a list of 100,000+ investors.

    Investor Newsletter

    We spotlight you and your company to an investor e-newsletter that is distributed to over 500,000 opt-in investors.

    Email Marketing

    We will create an email marketing campaign for your company to go out to lists of thousands of accredited investors.

    Social Media

    We can either increase or even create your social media foot print across the 3 major platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

    Podcast Interview

    We sit you down for a brief one on one interview with our stock investor podcast

  • Interested in Starting a Crowdfunding?

    Here's How It Works

    For most organizations the process of beginning a funding process can seem daunting, so Funding OTC has broken it down into four simple steps.


    Contact Us

    A teleconference between your team and ours to discuss the organization and its crowdfunding goals to see if it is a fit for both parties.


    The Checklist

    Fill out and upload targeted questions on your organization to the Funding OTC platform.



    Begin executing multi-media marketing campaign including building your custom crowdfunding page, launch email marketing, boosting your social media presence, spotlight in an investor newsletter, one on one interview on an investor podcast, and much more!



    Distribute the campaign information to drive traffic to your crowdfunding campaign.


    Come see some of the companies we've been working closely with to help bring them closer to the success they're been striving to achieve!

    Active World Club: An Executive Business Service Club

    Ethereum Based Open Source Blockchain

    The club and members will use club AWC Tokens to take advantage of a suite service offerings on an international level. These services will include core offerings that executives and business owners use regularly for personal and corporate purposes and will strive to maintain proprietary and utilitarian executive products and services. AWC will also focus on offering executive level perks and recreational experiences for elite and exclusive club members. The AWC Tokens will be integrated with merchants, exchanges, and wallets. AWC Members will enjoy specific financial and conversion services using a proprietary exchange. This will include cash to token physical exchange capability, AWC Token purchases using credit cards and innovative secure wallet technologies. Through this exchange, AWC will also handle the facilitation of token payments between club members and service providers.

    Peconic Energy, Inc: An Oil & Gas Company​

    An Oil & Gas Company with Operations in both Texas & Kentucky

    Peconic is an emerging oil & gas exploration and production company operating in Kentucky, South Texas and West Texas. The company has interest in 300+ wells in its area of operation and is looking to expand its holdings and increase production from its existing projects. Peconic is getting ready to launch a Regulation CF offering to raise $1,070,000.00 as part of its pre-IPO initiave. The company is looking for a partner to bridge

    Cannaboids: An Emerging Cannnbis Marketing Company

    Their Innovative and Original Platform

    Cannaboids is a dynamic multimedia platform built for both cannabis enthusiasts and professionals! While the legal cannabis business is still finding its legs as an industry, our goal is to attract, enlighten and engage a user base to create an enjoyable online community. In this community, cannabis based businesses will be given the opportunity to upload videos, articles, presentations along with other multimedia tools to showcase their services or products. Cannabis enthusiasts and or users will be able to help those businesses grow by becoming affiliate marketers or by rating products showcased on our site. To achieve our goals, Cannaboids will create fun and informative experiences around the featured products through the process of “Gamification”. This gamified experience will include a reward-based system within the platform for the community members. As a community leader we are always looking for new products or ideas to showcase so please let us know if you have a product or service that you would like to showcase!

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  • About Us

    Meet Our Experienced Team

    Alfonso Knoll

    -Executive Director and Cofounder

    Mr. Knoll graduated from the Wesley College with a Bachelor's Degree prior to attending Weidner University School of Law. After graduating college and while attending law school Mr. Knoll was a securities broker with Morgan Stanley. Mr. Knoll left Morgan Stanley to form Terra Silex, LLC, which was a principal investor in several over the counter investments. Since that time Mr. Knoll has served as an officer, director and consultant to several public and private entities. It was his years of experiance in the public marketplace that lead him to form Arch Exchange and Transfer, Inc.

    Beau Kelley

    - Executive Director and Cofounder
    Mr. Kelley has served as an officer, director and consultant for several over the counter (OTC) public companies, in addition to a number of private companies and a non profit organization. Mr. Kelley was a director of a company that is one of the oil and gas industry's largest service bureaus handling "cash flow driven assets" valued between $100,000-$100,000,000 which marketed over $2.0 billion in oil and gas assets throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1990. Mr. Kelley is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    Jacob Kelley

    -Executive Director and Cofounder

    Mr. Kelley has worked in the oil & gas industry for the better part of a decade and was instrumental in establishing a company that oversaw ~200 wells located across the Panhandle of Texas. During this time, while he provided guidance and strategic planning to increase production, he also oversaw negotiations on contracts with vendors and third-party contractors. Mr. Kelley was also instrumental in the purchasing and selling of properties, equipment, and other assets within the company. Mr. Kelley attended and studied Business Management at James Madison University.