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    Come see some of the companies we've been working closely with to help bring them closer to the success they're been striving to achieve

    Cannaboids: An Emerging Cannabis Marketing Company

    Their Innovative and Original Platform

    Cannaboids is a dynamic multimedia platform built for both cannabis enthusiasts and professionals! While the legal cannabis business is still finding its legs as an industry, our goal is to attract, enlighten and engage a user base to create an enjoyable online community. In this community, cannabis based businesses will be given the opportunity to upload videos, articles, presentations along with other multimedia tools to showcase their services or products. Cannabis enthusiasts and or users will be able to help those businesses grow by becoming affiliate marketers or by rating products showcased on our site. To achieve our goals, Cannaboids will create fun and informative experiences around the featured products through the process of “Gamification”. This gamified experience will include a reward-based system within the platform for the community members. As a community leader we are always looking for new products or ideas to showcase so please let us know if you have a product or service that you would like to showcase!

    Bison Crypto: Innovative Solutions for Mining Companies

    Their Creative Solution to a Growing Problem in Crypto

    Bison Crypto was formed to solve the largest problem facing the global crypto currency market today; power supply. All successful crypto currencies require large groups of crypto miners to verify and add transactions to the block chain digital ledger. To put things in perspective as to just how much power is required; Morgan Stanley reported that the crypto mining process requires roughly the same amount of power that countries such as Ireland, Argentina or the Czech Republic use annually. In response to the large amount of power being drawn for crypto mining, cities around the world are beginning to ban or limit crypto mining, because they are driving up the cost of power for everyday consumers. By using stranded natural gas along with other “off the grid” power alternatives to generate power for the crypto mining community BCP can alleviate the stress to the power grid and offer a steady source of electricity.

    Writ Media: Company Solutions

    Their Creative Solution to a Growing Problem in Crypto

    is a diversified media and software company whose operations include digital currency software development, including trading platforms and Blockchain solutions, content production and distribution; and video game distribution via mobile platforms. The Company's portfolio of wholly owned businesses includes: Pelecoin, a crypto token which is emitted based on the Pelecoin software platform that enables the simultaneous mingling of a basket of up to fifty crypto-currencies, combined with a trading algorithm that liquidates the most profitable coins and/or trades between them to make the basket more valuable; Pelecoin Mining Factory Ltd., develops and offers Pelecoin crypto coin mining hardware solutions, leases, builds and operates cryptocurrency mining data centers; Front Row Networks, a content creation company which produces, acquires and distributes live event programming for worldwide digital broadcast into digitally enabled movie theaters and online streaming; Amiga Games, a software company resurrecting the Amiga brand by publishing retro video games on smartphones, tablets and consoles; and Retro Infinity, Inc., a video game distribution portal which publishes video games from Amiga, Atari and other "retro" brands on today's smartphones, tablets and consoles.