Funding OTC assists emerging growth companies form effective crowdfunding initiatives paired with aggressive multimedia marketing campaigns. Unlike other crowdfunding portals Funding OTC doesn’t just provide a platform to raise money; we instead assist in producing podcasts, videos, social media posts, newsletters, newspaper articles and radio spots which can be distributed to over 3mm emails, newsletters, 2,300+ national newspapers, 1,000+ radio stations and a variety of social media outlets. This approach gives our clients crowdfunding efforts a viral web presence to assist them in meeting their funding goals.

  • What We Offer to Our Clients

    The first step toward raising capital with Funding OTC is to set up a consultation with our team. That’s where we can discuss the details of your project, capital needs, and goals. We will introduce you to the benefits of our comprehensive digital funding system that include marketing, presentation and funding for any type of project. We work with both charitable non-profit organizations, as well as emerging growth companies. Our team will manage the entire capital raise from start to finish. Additional services will include back office accounting, financial modeling, high net-worth investor generation, and data analytics for your campaign.

    Build Your Crowdfunding Page

    We work with you to put together a landing page within our crowdfunding platform that will present everything you hope to gain from the crowdfunding.

    Studio Quality Video Interview

    We sit you down for a one on one interview that will be circulated to a list of 100,000+ investors.

    Investor Newsletter

    We spotlight you and your company to an investor e-newsletter that is distributed to over 500,000 opt-in investors.

    Email Marketing

    We will create an email marketing campaign for your company to go out to lists of thousands of accredited investors.

    Social Media

    We can either increase or even create your social media foot print across the 3 major platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

    Podcast Interview

    We sit you down for a brief one on one interview with our stock investor podcast

  • Interested in Starting a Crowdfunding?

    Here's How It Works

    For most organizations the process of beginning a funding process can seem daunting, so Funding OTC has broken it down into four simple steps.


    Contact Us

    A teleconference between your team and ours to discuss the organization and its crowdfunding goals to see if it is a fit for both parties.


    The Checklist

    Fill out and upload targeted questions on your organization to the Funding OTC platform.



    Begin executing multi-media marketing campaign including building your custom crowdfunding page, launch email marketing, boosting your social media presence, spotlight in an investor newsletter, one on one interview on an investor podcast, and much more!



    Distribute the campaign information to drive traffic to your crowdfunding campaign.


    Come see some of the companies we've been working closely with to help bring them closer to the success they're been striving to achieve!

    Building For Him: A Christian Charity Based in India

    A Christian Charity Raising Money for a Variety of Different Needs in India

    The sub continent of India has a growing population of 1.3 billion people, the majority of which are living in impoverished destitution with poor water quality, bare sustenance diets, lack of education, hygiene and access to any form of medical or dental care. Since our founding in 2000, Building for Him India has been determined to make a lasting impact in the country of India. To that end, Building for Him India is in the final stages of completing a medical facility and is seeking $150,000 to complete this project.

    Active World Club: An Executive Business Service Club

    Ethereum Based Open Source Blockchain

    The club and members will use club AWC Tokens to take advantage of a suite service offerings on an international level. These services will include core offerings that executives and business owners use regularly for personal and corporate purposes and will strive to maintain proprietary and utilitarian executive products and services. AWC will also focus on offering executive level perks and recreational experiences for elite and exclusive club members. The AWC Tokens will be integrated with merchants, exchanges, and wallets. AWC Members will enjoy specific financial and conversion services using a proprietary exchange. This will include cash to token physical exchange capability, AWC Token purchases using credit cards and innovative secure wallet technologies. Through this exchange, AWC will also handle the facilitation of token payments between club members and service providers.

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