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Investment Opportunity

Introduction to CanIDeal, Inc.
506(c) Offering Platform

CanlDeal, Inc. ("CanlDeal", or the "Company") is a business-to business e-commerce platform that serves the entire Cannabis industry.  CanlDeal is designed to provide all Cannabis market participants, including growers, processors, technology accessory manufacturers, and distributors a legal platform to conduct business across the nation in the 33 states where Cannabis is either medically or recreationally legalized.



Global Cannabis Sales Surge 41% in 2021

BDSA forecasts the market will surpass $62 billion by 2026


In the opinion of the Company's management, that due to federal rules, the cannabis industry has not fully taken advantage of the economies scale offered by digital e-commerce. Any market of this size demands modern digital tools to participate fully in modern business practices. CanIDeal’s unique platform brings economies of scale by providing a legally compliant e-commerce platform  inside cannabis legal states.


There is currently no fully legal digital Cannabis trading platform available in California that offers the suite tools that CanlDeal has to offer. This is key market opportunity which CanlDeal seeks to exploit.


The Problem


CBD/Ancillary Problem


Unlike other multi-billion dollar industries, The current CBD and ancillary item market is extremely segmented. Moreover, the industry has yet to define true brand leaders and established industry product price points.


CanlDeal addresses the CBD/ ancillary market issue by opening a coast-to-coast trading platform for non thc items. Where brands can grow past their local reputations and through user ratings, and AI buyer recommendations, establish themselves on a national level.


Cannabis Problem


Geo Ring Fencing


The key issue that has prevented  digital marketplaces from offering  direct e-commerce sales is the flow of information, outside of state lines exposes the participants to unacceptable risk of violating federal law. 


when the Internet routes packets of information, it sends those packets trough the fastest route possible without regard for state or national boundaries. Sending information regarding large cannabis transactions   in the traditional way, May lead to potential legal and regulatory liability


While digital platforms for wholesale cannabis is an emerging space, management believes that CanlDeal is the only one to offer geo ring fenced  technology, which ensures to the best of the company's ability, full compliance with applicable state and Federal regulations.


The Solution


By creating a geographic fence for the internet traffic, Which centers the key information flow inside of state lines, geolocating the buyer and seller to insure they each are personally located inside of the state when they process the transaction, CanIDeal is able to offer a safe, fully compliant B2B e-commerce platform.


 Based on the management team's research, CanlDeal is currently the only Cannabis digit marketplace offering a service with this specific advantage. While there are a couple of start-up digital Cannabis marketplaces one offer the safety and security that the geo-fenced CanlDeal provides. By resolving this issue, CanlDeal believes it has removed the risk of punitive regulatory action for which other systems do not provide adequate safeguards


If CanIDeal can capture just 1% of the wholesale market over the next 5 years, they could see revenue in excess of $120 million.  Based on its current capital structure, this could give it a market cap of $1.9 billion.

VFI Legal Map.png

CanIDeal, Inc. 506(c) Offering Platform

Summary of Operations


CanlDeal provides all cannabis market participants, including growers, processors, technology accessory manufacturers, and distributors a legal platform to conduct intrastate business for specifically within all legal states. with a planned national roll-out to other jurisdictions on an intrastate basis only where medical and recreational cannabis use becomes legal. If and when cannabis becomes legal for recreational and medical use at the federal level, we expect that our gating software feature may become less essential, but still relevant, especially at the international level. Furthermore, we believe that our trading platform will continue to grow with robust demand as the cannabis industry in the United States and foreign markets grows.


BDSA forecasts cannabis sales in the US to surpass $24 billion in 2021, a growth of 38% over 2020’s sales, and anticipates the US to reach $47.6 billion in 2026, a CAGR of 14%.


The CanlDeal Solution

CanlDeal team has completed the building of it’s software system for trading all things cannabis. The Company has to date completed both test and electronic transactions.  The company anticipates completing its first live, cannabis transaction by mid-October 2021.

In addition to completing it’s B2B e-commerce engine, CanIdeal has positioned itself to be a market leader by accomplishing the following  milestones.

  1. Secured legal permission to open in 15 states whose cannabis sales exceeded 12 billions dollars in 2020.

  2. Secured onsite banking.This means buyers and sellers have the security of safe banking to aid in transactions.

  3. Gained the ability to pre-sell entire crops which solves a huge cashflow issue for THC/CBD and Hemp growers.

  4. Entered into discussions with state cannabis control board to possibly deploy CanIDeal as the state mandated trading platform in order to give the state full control

  5. Secured the investment banking services of North Star Financial of Beverly Hills, Ca. to assist with, company growth, raising future institutional rounds of financing as well as positioned the company for a possible public offering.


CanlDeal is not only beneficial for the users of the system, it is consistent with government policy, since the federal government has provided guidance which demands a "" type industry-wide solution.


CanlDeal's proprietary geo ring fence  technology, as well as the tracking and accounting benefits, are specifically recommended by the US Department of Justice as written:

"In jurisdictions that have enacted laws legalizing marijuana in some form and that have also implemented strong and effective regulatory and enforcement systems to control the cultivation, distribution, sale, and possession of marijuana, conduct in compliance with those laws and regulations is less likely to threaten the federal priorities. Indeed, a robust system may affirmatively address those priorities by, for example, implementing effective measures to prevent diversion of marijuana outside of the regulated system and to other states, prohibiting access to marijuana by minors, and replacing an illicit marijuana trade that funds criminal/ enterprises with a tightly regulated market in which revenues are tracked and accounted for. "


CanlDeal satisfies all of these priorities that are cited here by theUS Department of Justice.


CanIDeal has over $6.5m invested and is licensed in 16 states. This is an undervalued opportunity with huge upside, that shouldn't be missed.

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