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Vanguard Farms International is a leader in the cannabis market! As a Pre-IPO company with quarterly distributions, you would be entering in a very exciting time! We intend to cultivate certified organic or non-organic cannabis strains, biomass, and smokable flower.  Some of our products are grown in greenhouses to allow for strict control over outside factors such as light and weather conditions.  The greenhouses allow us to farm the entire year, giving us a competitive advantage to supply our products.  We believe this flexibility will be important as the cannabis market matures.


Vanguard Farms is a cannabis-based farm. While we have been working diligently to close on the cannabis project property, we chose to put our money to work and plant a 2-acre hemp grow for a hemp contract that we obtained. This is a BONUS grow, and everyone invested in Vanguard will reap the benefits! The planting of the hemp has begun, harvesting will occur in September and checks will go out in November! Offering for this bonus grow is set to close by the end of August; don’t delay – invest today!


At Vanguard Farms, we believe transparency is key to successful relationships with our investors. We provide monthly updates to our investors during the entire planting, harvesting and distribution process. Our most recent update gave our investors a glimpse into our progress of the irrigation system which was being installed. The water treatment plant that has been installed is a top of line system that nourishes the plants with all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and quality! This was such an exciting moment in the process, and these are the moments we enjoy sharing with you!


In addition to these email updates, our investors also have the ability to keep up with the farms progress through a live web feed! Cameras are live on our website for 24/7 viewing.  You are now able to log in at any time to see the progress of your investment! 


We are all very excited and proud about the progress of the Vanguard Farms project, and are looking forward to a very profitable fall season this year for us all!


Don’t delay – Invest Today!

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